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Here we are, roughly 8 months from me joining Ninja Writers

and I’m less than 2 months from my book being published.

I’m the closest I have ever been to seeing the dream I’ve had since my mom handed me my first Danielle Steele book when I was 13, come true.

Writing is hard. It’s not for the faint of heart. You are good enough, you can do this, and imagine how it’ll feel when you hold that book in your hands for the first time. That right there makes everything you’ll go through worth it.

Writing isn’t a lonely activity anymore. Yes, I’m still alone at my desk with a Dr. Pepper or mug of coffee. But now I’ve got classes to perfect my skills and other writers who give their time to read my work and give feedback. It’s all because of Shaunta Grimes and the Ninja Writers.

Thank you,

and fellow Ninja writers. You’ve guided me on my writing path and given me focus.

Watch out Danielle Steel, I’m on my way.



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