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I discovered I was giving key roles and events to the wrong character.

Ever since this book idea came to me, Kiara’s been sixteen, she gets emancipated, and custody of her younger siblings.

Except that’s not really realistic. While it does happen, it’s so rare it’s almost unheard of.

As any Texan will tell you, Texas plays by its own rules. What is common in 49 other states isn’t there. And what’s common in Texas isn’t in 49 other states.

Even so, come on now.

So instead, the grandfather will get guardianship of the siblings, Kiara will get her emancipation, then the grandfather will just sorta leave the twins with Kiara and be all, “Bye! See you in nine months.”

After all, when you have stupid amounts of money, you can basically do whatever you want and no one bats an eye.

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