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I’m taking a Literary Theory class, and the below picture is about how I feel trying to make sense o

Why do I need to know about formalism and new criticism? I don’t read to analyze; I read to escape reality for a while.

For the final project, we have to pick one of the chosen texts and analyze it from two different theories.

I haven’t picked the text yet, but I’m going with Formalism and New Criticism. They’re the only two I can even remotely wrap my head around.

Yeah, my professor is gonna be sick of me after this class.

I haven’t written for NaNo this week — here it is almost halfway into November, and I’ve written maybe 8k words. I was doing good, really good; earning my badges, having fun. Then I thought I’d entered the word count for the day but didn’t, so now my badges are screwed and I’ve lost my motivation.

I was so mad when I didn’t get all the badges last year, and now I won’t this year either. At least last year, I won.

At some point, I’ll suck it up, realize virtual badges don’t really mean jack, and kick NaNo’s butt, but I’m not there yet.

Knowing me, it’ll be the 29th or 30th that it’ll kick in.

Stay tuned.

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