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Over the last two years, I’ve heard about 23474326 different writing programs.

All of them promise to make you a better writer, make writing fun, or help you learn how to write consistently.

Scrivener, Plottr, Dapple, Scapple, WaveMaker, Novlr, Ulysses, 4theWords, just to name a few.

I have Scrivener, Scapple, WaveMaker, Novlr, 4theWords, and AeonTimeline2.

Do I use any of them?

Yes. Scrivener and Scapple. Well, I’ve used Scapple once.

I am fortunate enough to have both a Windows and Mac. The Mac is about 12 years old and refurbished, but it works. So I can use any writing program out there.

I just want one program to keep up with my series and to let me write. My brain can’t handle all these different programs.

Stop with the recommendations! My brain’s fried.



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