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Some Cover Size Crap

The company I hired to help me with everything and I use Trello to communicate with each other. Amazing thing.

Anyway, I left a message for my PA and one of the other ladies helping me and said, “Hey are we submitting the paperback quietly a week early? It’s getting really close to that date, so might wanna think about this.”

Ashley responds, “Do you have the paperback cover? I need that file.”

Umm, what? Do you mean the paperback cover is different than the ebook cover?

Well crap.

Yes, Lucia, this very much is a thing and I dunno how you didn’t know this. Paperback is 6x9 which is nowhere close to the 1600x2500 pixels an ebook is. A paperback cover isn’t even digital!

Insert feeling stupid.

The final has to be submitted by Jan. 7th. It’s the first.




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