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Trying to do 3 weeks of school work in 1 week

...while trying to finish a course through Sophia Learning.

We leave for the ocean on Thursday. It’s Saturday. I’ve got week one's assignments done except for responding to discussion posts.

I can assure you, while my butt is sitting in a chair on the beach, the last thing I’m gonna be thinking of is school work.

I’ll have to log in for discussions, because those can’t be done early. But the rest, yup sure can. And will.

Then there’s this Public Speaking class I am taking through Sophia Learning to help me graduate sooner. That has to be finished by Oct. 5th and it takes 5–7 days for them to grade the submitted assignments. I’ve got everything done except 2 tests and 3 submitted assignments.

Maybe it’s time to get my butt in gear?



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