What do you do with feedback from a writing group?

I'm in one real-life writer's group and three online ones.

In the real life writer's group, they don't really give feedback. I mean, if I ask questions, they're more than willing to answer them. But as far as "This works, that doesn't," nope not them.

In the others, I get a ton of feedback. I'm the type of person where someone suggests something, I'm all, "Oh! I have to change it!" without thinking about it or how it will affect the rest of the story.

Katie Michaelson's advice saved my sanity:

Listen to the feedback, take notes, let the notes rest a while, then decide if you're going to implement the changes. Do not act until you've given yourself time to think about the feedback.

Lucia Sugafield, wishing I'd learned this sooner.