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What is my groove? Do I even have a groove?

What’s going to work for me?

I have found lots of things that don’t work for me, but not much that does. I know my groove is not not editing as I go. Being ocd, I have to fix errors. I haven’t learned to shut the inner editor up so I can just write.

I’ve learned it’s possible to get too much feedback. I’m the type of person that if someone gives me an idea, I have to run with it. About sixteen drafts later, I finally learned to write-then get feedback.

So long as I show up to do the work, I’ll find my groove and what works for me. Do I even have a groove? I don’t know, but that’s part of the fun. Figuring it out, learning as I go, I’ve got to land somewhere, right?

Lucia Sugafield, finding her groove



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